Source code for taxbrain.cli

Command line interface for the Tax-Brain package
import argparse
from taxbrain import TaxBrain, report
from pathlib import Path
from datetime import datetime

[docs]def make_tables(tb, year, outpath): """ Make and write all of the tables for a given year Parameters ---------- tb: TaxBrain object instance of a TaxBrain object year: int year to produce tables for outpath: str path to save output to Returns ------- None tables saved to disk """ dist_table_base = tb.distribution_table( year, "weighted_deciles", "expanded_income", "base" ) dist_table_base.to_csv( Path(outpath, f"distribution_table_base_{year}.csv") ) dist_table_reform = tb.distribution_table( year, "weighted_deciles", "expanded_income", "reform" ) dist_table_reform.to_csv( Path(outpath, f"distribution_table_reform_{year}.csv") ) diff_table = tb.differences_table( year, "weighted_deciles", "combined" ) diff_table.to_csv( Path(outpath, f"differences_table_{year}.csv") ) del dist_table_base, dist_table_reform, diff_table
[docs]def cli_core(startyear, endyear, data, usecps, reform, behavior, assump, baseline, outdir, name, make_report, author): """ Core logic for the CLI Parameters ---------- startyear: int year to start analysis endyear: int last year for analysis data: str or Pandas DataFrame path to or DataFrame with data for Tax-Calculator usecps: bool whether to use the CPS or (if False) the PUF-based file reform: dict parameter changes for reform run in Tax-Calculator behavior: dict behavioral assumptions for Behavioral-Responses assump: dict consumption assumptions base_policy: dict parameter changes (relative to current law baseline) for baseline policy verbose: bool indicator for printing of output Returns ------- None reports saved to disk at path specified by outdir """ tb = TaxBrain( start_year=startyear, end_year=endyear, microdata=data, use_cps=usecps, reform=reform, behavior=behavior, assump=assump, base_policy=baseline, verbose=True ) # create outputs dirname = name if not dirname: dirname = f"TaxBrain Analysis {}" outputpath = Path(outdir, dirname) outputpath.mkdir(exist_ok=True) # create output tables aggregate = tb.weighted_totals("combined") aggregate.to_csv( Path(outputpath, "aggregate_tax_liability.csv") ) for year in range(startyear, endyear + 1): yeardir = Path(outputpath, str(year)) yeardir.mkdir(exist_ok=True) make_tables(tb, year, yeardir) if make_report: report( tb, name=name, outdir=outputpath, author=author )
[docs]def cli_main(): """ Command line interface to taxbrain package Parameters ---------- None Returns ------- None """ parser_description = ( "This is the command line interface for the taxbrain package." ) parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( prog="taxbrain", description=parser_description ) parser.add_argument( "startyear", help=( "startyear is the first year of the analysis you want to run." ), default=TaxBrain.FIRST_BUDGET_YEAR, type=int ) parser.add_argument( "endyear", help=( "endyear is the last year of the analysis you want to run." ), default=TaxBrain.LAST_BUDGET_YEAR, type=int ) parser.add_argument( "--data", help=( "The file path to a micro-dataset that is formatted for use in " "Tax-Calculator." ), default=None ) parser.add_argument( "--usecps", help=( "If this argument is present, the CPS file included in " "Tax-Calculator will be used for the analysis." ), default=False, action="store_true" ), parser.add_argument( "--reform", help=( "--reform should be a path to a JSON file." ), default=None ) parser.add_argument( "--behavior", help=( "--behavior should be a path to a JSON file containing behavioral " "assumptions." ), default=None ) parser.add_argument( "--assump", help=( "--assump should be a path to a JSON file containing user " "specified economic assumptions." ), default=None ) parser.add_argument( "--baseline", help=( "--baseline should be a path to a JSON file containing a policy " "that will be used as the baseline of the analysis" ) ) parser.add_argument( "--outdir", help=( "outdir is the name of the output directory. Not including " "--outdir will result in files being written to the current " "directory." ), default="" ), parser.add_argument( "--name", help=( "Name of the analysis. This will be used to name the directory " "where all output files will be written." ), default=None ) parser.add_argument( "--report", help=( "including --report will trigger the creation of a PDF report " "summarizing the effects of the tax policy being modeled." ), action="store_true" ) parser.add_argument( "--author", help=( "If you are creating a report, this the name that will be listed " "as the author" ) ) args = parser.parse_args() # run the analysis cli_core( args.startyear, args.endyear,, args.usecps, args.reform, args.behavior, args.assump, args.baseline, args.outdir,, )
if __name__ == "__main__": cli_main()