Tax-Brain Report Generation

Tax-Brain Report Generation#

report, name=None, change_threshold=0.05, description=None, outdir=None, author='', css=None, verbose=False, clean=False)[source]#

Create a PDF report based on TaxBrain results

  • tb (TaxBrain object) – instance of a TaxBrain object

  • name (str) – Name you want used for the title of the report

  • change_threshold (float) – Percentage change (expressed as a decimal fraction) in an aggregate variable for it to be considered notable

  • description (str) – A description of the reform being run

  • outdir (str) – Output directory

  • author (str) – Person or persons to be listed as the author of the report

  • css (str) – Path to a CSS file used to format the final report

  • verbose (bool) – boolean indicating whether or not to write progress as report is created

  • clean (bool) – boolean indicating whether all of the files written to create the report should be deleated and a byte representation of the PDF returned


files or None – returns either None (reports saved to disk) or dictionary with string of bytes for markdown and pdf versions of the report

Return type:

dict or None