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import shutil
import pandas as pd
import behresp
import taxbrain
import taxcalc as tc
from pathlib import Path
from .report_utils import (

CUR_PATH = Path(__file__).resolve().parent

[docs] def report( tb, name=None, change_threshold=0.05, description=None, outdir=None, author="", css=None, verbose=False, clean=False, ): """ Create a PDF report based on TaxBrain results Parameters ---------- tb: TaxBrain object instance of a TaxBrain object name: str Name you want used for the title of the report change_threshold: float Percentage change (expressed as a decimal fraction) in an aggregate variable for it to be considered notable description: str A description of the reform being run outdir: str Output directory author: str Person or persons to be listed as the author of the report css: str Path to a CSS file used to format the final report verbose: bool boolean indicating whether or not to write progress as report is created clean: bool boolean indicating whether all of the files written to create the report should be deleated and a byte representation of the PDF returned Returns -------- files or None: dict or None returns either None (reports saved to disk) or dictionary with string of bytes for markdown and pdf versions of the report """ def format_table(df, int_cols, float_cols, float_perc=2): """ Apply formatting to a given table Parameters ---------- df: Pandas DataFrame DataFrame being formatted int_cols: list columns that need to be converted to integers float_cols: list floatcolumns that need to be converted to floats float_perc: int Decimal percision for float columns the table. Default is 2 Returns -------- df: Pandas DataFrame table of output """ for col in int_cols: df.update(df[col].astype(int).apply("{:,}".format)) for col in float_cols: df.update( df[col] .astype(float) .apply("{:,.{}}".format, args=(float_perc,)) ) return df def export_plot(plot, graph): """ Export plot as a PNG Parameters ----------- plot: Matplolib.pyplot plot object plot to export graph: str str to use in file name of plot to save Returns ------- str full filename indicating where plot is saved """ # export graph as a PNG # we could get a higher quality image with an SVG, but the SVG plots # do not render correctly in the PDF document filename = f"{graph}_graph.png" full_filename = Path(output_path, filename) plot.savefig(full_filename, dpi=1200, bbox_inches="tight") return str(full_filename) if not tb.has_run: if not name: name = f"Policy Report-{date()}" if not outdir: outdir = name.replace(" ", "_") if author: author = f"Report Prepared by {author.title()}" # create directory to hold report contents output_path = Path(outdir) if not output_path.exists(): output_path.mkdir() # dictionary to hold pieces of the final text text_args = { "start_year": tb.start_year, "end_year": tb.end_year, "title": name, "date": date(), "author": author, "taxbrain": str(Path(CUR_PATH, "report_files", "taxbrain.png")), } if tb.stacked: stacked_table = tb.stacked_table * 1e-9 stacked_table = format_table( stacked_table, [], list(stacked_table.columns), float_perc=1 ) stacked_table = convert_table(stacked_table) text_args["stacked_table"] = stacked_table if verbose: print("Writing Introduction") # find policy areas used in the reform pol = tc.Policy() pol_meta = pol.metadata() pol_areas = set() for var in tb.params["policy"].keys(): # catch "{}-indexed" parameter changes if "-" in var: var = var.split("-")[0] area = pol_meta[var]["section_1"].lower() if area == "social security taxability": area = "Social Security taxability" if area != "": pol_areas.add(area) pol_areas = list(pol_areas) # add policy areas to the intro text text_args["introduction"] = form_intro(pol_areas, description) # write final sentance of introduction current_law = tb.params["base_policy"] text_args["baseline_intro"] = form_baseline_intro(current_law) if verbose: print("Writing Summary") agg_table = tb.weighted_totals("combined", include_total=True).fillna(0) rev_change = agg_table.loc["Difference"].sum() rev_direction = "increase" if rev_change < 0: rev_direction = "decrease" text_args["rev_direction"] = rev_direction text_args["rev_change"] = dollar_str_formatting(rev_change) # create differences table if verbose: print("Creating differences table") diff_table = tb.differences_table( tb.start_year, "standard_income_bins", "combined" ).fillna(0) diff_table.index = DIFF_TABLE_ROW_NAMES decile_diff_table = tb.differences_table( tb.start_year, "weighted_deciles", "combined" ).fillna(0) # move the "ALL" row to the bottom of the DataFrame target_row = decile_diff_table.loc["ALL", :] decile_diff_table = decile_diff_table.shift(-1) decile_diff_table.iloc[-1] = target_row.squeeze() # find which income bin sees the largest change in tax liability largest_change = largest_tax_change(diff_table) text_args["largest_change_group"] = largest_change[0] text_args["largest_change_str"] = largest_change[1] decile_diff_table.columns = tc.DIFF_TABLE_LABELS # drop certain columns to save space if tc.__version__ >= "3.2.1": drop_cols = [ "Share of Overall Change", "Number of Returns with Tax Cut", "Number of Returns with Tax Increase", ] else: drop_cols = [ "Share of Overall Change", "Count with Tax Cut", "Count with Tax Increase", ] sub_diff_table = decile_diff_table.drop(columns=drop_cols) # convert DataFrame to Markdown table = "_Income &nbsp; Decile_" diff_table = format_table(sub_diff_table, [], list(sub_diff_table.columns)) diff_md = convert_table(diff_table) text_args["differences_table"] = diff_md # aggregate results if verbose: print("Compiling aggregate results") # format aggregate table agg_table *= 1e-9 agg_table = format_table(agg_table, list(agg_table.columns), []) agg_md = convert_table(agg_table) text_args["agg_table"] = agg_md # aggregate table by tax type tax_vars = ["iitax", "payrolltax", "combined"] agg_base = tb.multi_var_table(tax_vars, "base", include_total=True) agg_reform = tb.multi_var_table(tax_vars, "reform", include_total=True) agg_diff = agg_reform - agg_base agg_diff.index = ["Income Tax", "Payroll Tax", "Combined"] agg_diff *= 1e-9 agg_diff = format_table(agg_diff, list(agg_diff.columns), []) text_args["agg_tax_type"] = convert_table(agg_diff) # summary of policy changes text_args["reform_summary"] = policy_table(tb.params["policy"]) # policy baseline if tb.params["base_policy"]: text_args["policy_baseline"] = policy_table(tb.params["base_policy"]) else: text_args["policy_baseline"] = ( f"This report is based on current law as of {date()}." ) # notable changes if verbose: print("Finding notable changes") text_args["notable_changes"] = notable_changes(tb, change_threshold) # behavioral assumptions if verbose: print("Compiling assumptions") text_args["behavior_assumps"] = behavioral_assumptions(tb) # consumption asssumptions text_args["consump_assumps"] = consumption_assumptions(tb) # growth assumptions text_args["growth_assumps"] = growth_assumptions(tb) # determine model versions text_args["model_versions"] = [ {"name": "Tax-Brain", "release": taxbrain.__version__}, {"name": "Tax-Calculator", "release": tc.__version__}, {"name": "Behavioral-Responses", "release": behresp.__version__}, ] # create graphs if verbose: print("Creating graphs") dist_graph = taxbrain.distribution_plot( tb, tb.start_year, (5, 4), f"Fig. 2: Percentage Change in After-Tax Income - {tb.start_year}", ) text_args["distribution_graph"] = export_plot(dist_graph, "dist") # differences graph diff_graph = taxbrain.differences_plot( tb, "combined", (6, 3), title="Fig. 1: Change in Aggregate Combined Tax Liability", ) text_args["agg_graph"] = export_plot(diff_graph, "difference") # fill in the report template if verbose: print("Compiling report") template_path = Path(CUR_PATH, "report_files", "") report_md = write_text(template_path, **text_args) # write PDF, markdown files filename = name.replace(" ", "-") pdf_path = Path(output_path, f"{filename}.pdf") md_path = Path(output_path, f"{filename}.md") md_path.write_text(report_md) md_to_pdf(report_md, str(pdf_path)) if clean: # return PDF as bytes and the markdown text byte_pdf = pdf_path.read_bytes() files = {f"{filename}.md": report_md, f"{filename}.pdf": byte_pdf} # remove directory where everything was saved shutil.rmtree(output_path) assert not output_path.exists() return files